The COVID-19 virus is an infectious disease has had an enormous impact on the travel and aviation industry. The global impact can be felt with lockdowns announced for extended periods of time by many nations. The COVID virus has had an immense impact on the world with the virus affecting many countries. India is not immune to this pandemic with more than 5 million people infected up to September 2020;it’s wise to be aware of the dangers of not taking adequate precautions seriously.
Deepam Taxi is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its customers; we have ensured that we follow the accepted norms for safe travel by taking adequate precautions and training our drivers and staff to ensure customer safety.


  • Our Taxi drivers are trained to sanitize common surface areas like the handle, seating, arm rest after every drive.
  • Our personnel are trained to follow prescribed safety norms including maintaining adequate social distancing, and ensuring personal sanitization with hand sanitizers and disinfectants.
  • Customers are encouraged to make cashless transactions to avoid unnecessary physical contact.
  • It is advisable for customers to avoid using the air conditioner when in the taxi to avoid air circulation since the virus is an air borne disease



Getting to know the Corona Virus
The Corona disease is a highly infectious disease caused by the COVID-19 virus. The people infected by the virus experience mild to severe respiratory illness and recover with treatment. The elders with lifestyle illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are most vulnerable to develop serious complications if not treated onetime.

Simple steps to follow to keep yourself and your family safe.
We have laid emphasis on a three-point strategy to help protect our staff and customers when travelling with Deepam taxi.


General Guidelines to follow to protect against the Covid-19 Virus

  • Regularly and thoroughly cleaning one’s hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and rigorously rubbing one’s hands and washing them with soap and water.
  • Maintaining at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and others.
  • Avoid going to crowded places. As it’s more likely to that you might be infected when you are in a crowded environment.
  • Wearing a mask is an effective approach to avoid coming in contact with the airborne virus.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth also helps in preventing the spread of the disease.
  • Staying back at home and self-isolation even with minor symptoms such as a cough, headache, mild fever, until you recover.
  • Seeking medical attention even for common symptoms like having a fever, cough and experiencing difficulty while breathing.
  • The alcohol-based sanitizer is highly flammable and it’s prudent for parents to use them with proper guidelines especially when there are children around.


Simple steps to follow to keep yourself and your family safe.

We have laid emphasis on a three-point strategy to help protect our staff and customers when travelling with Deepam taxi.

Practice Social Distancing

  •  If you are out in public, please ensure to maintain at least one metre distance between one another.
  •  Staying away from large crowds is an effective way to avoid getting in touch with an infected person.
  •  Avoiding close contact with people who are sick and making sure to self-quarantine if one comes in contact with an infected person.

Wearing Protective Gear & Equipment

  •  It’s advisable to use certified facemasks to be sure one is properly protected. The ideal face mask should block large respiratory droplets to spread while coughing or sneezing.
  •  Wearing heavily protective personal protective equipment like goggles, face-shield, mask, gloves, coverall/gowns, head cover and shoe cover when handling people infected help avoid being infected.

Cultivating a Personal Hygiene Regime

  • Cultivating a culture of adequate personal hygiene goes a long way in keeping everyone safe.
  •  Some of the routines include washing of hands with disinfectant soap, along with using alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  •  Covering ones face while coughing and sneezing to prevent the spread of the virus to other people.

Hope for the future
Given the rabid nature of the Corona virus, many countries and pharmaceutical companies around the world are in a hurry to create an effective and safe vaccine to fight this dangerous pandemic. Several Indian pharmacy companies like Bharat Biotech, Serum Institute, Zydus Cadila, Panacea Biotec, Indian Immunological, Mynvax and Biological are working to find a safe and effective coronavirus vaccines in India.

Vaccines normally require years of testing and additional time to produce at scale, but scientists are hopeful of developing a vaccine in the coming months. There are many vaccines in the advanced stages of clinical trials. Let us hope we have an effective antivirus as soon as possible, so that we are able to tide over this pandemic effectively as soon as possible.

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