Must have Apps in Bangalore to Make life easire

Must Have Apps Bangalore

We are going to share some must-have apps in Bangalore to make your life easier. Because let’s accept this “Living in Bangalore can be difficult”, doesn’t matter whether you are living in Bangalore for decades or just moving to the city from another part of the country or World. We know that before moving to a new place a lot of things will revolve around your mind. Even if you are living in the city form a long time it can be difficult for many of you to get the work done when needed. Bangalore is the startup capital of India, and these companies and startups are striving hard to make your life easier. There are services for anything that you can think of, you just need to know where to start from. Whether you are looking to commute local or outstations, or looking for a house without a broker! You may be interested in events happening in and around the city, or just looking for the best restaurants to dine out or get it home delivered. There can be numerous other questions that you must be having but fret not as we are going to reveal all the must-have mobile apps/ websites (including Deepam Taxi) you need so that you can settle down and enjoy your stay in Bangalore.   No Broker: The first thing you are going to need is a house to live in. When I was searching for a flat I was jumping around different apps just to get the perfect house for myself. Most of the applications were not even free or I had to pay some brokerage in one or the other form. In some apps, the only premium flats were listed and other apps were not so user-friendly. On No Broker, I was able to locate the residential property for rent in just a few clicks in my desired locations. I directly contacted the House Owners and got a nice flat within a few days. No Broker Guarantee ✓0% Brokerage,✓100% Genuine Owners. You can rent/sell/buy properties on No Broker and I think that this is the best app that you will be needing in Bangalore.   Deepam Taxi: It’s not hidden from anybody that surcharges from Popular cab service providers are not reasonable and are just a burden on the pockets of common people like me and you. We at Deepam Taxi are committed to provide you the most affordable and reliable taxi service in Bangalore. We offer transparent pricing and easy booking options to make it super easy to Book cabs in Bangalore. The prices for local commute are fixed, it doesn’t matter at what time-date-month you re traveling with us and we provide the cheapest Airport Taxi booking options i.e. Airport Taxi pickup at just Rs. 474/- and AIrport Drop at just Rs. 674/-. You can even book our Outstation Cab services at just Rs. 8/Km.   Furlenco: Yes, that’s right. Our Buying behavior is changing rapidly and in today’s fast-paced world we need things that can be replaced easily without any hassle. It’s also economical and budget-friendly to rent things and replace or change them instead of buying new furniture again when you need to change the look of your house interiors. Furlenco provides super fast delivery so that you can furnish your House instantly. You can also rent different appliances fro their website or app like TV, Washing Machine, Fridge, etc, because its usefulness we are listing this Must have app in Bangalore.                                                                                                      Dunzo: It’s difficult to live in Bangalore without Dunzo and yes I mean that. Dunzo has made life so much easier, now we can focus on productive work instead of bothering about things that are needed to be done but it’s not on our priority list. Yes, this is what Dunzo is doing which is a task management app where you can just assign the task and get it done in no time. Ok, now the question is that what all tasks you can assign? It can be anything from ordering food from another part of the city to get your monthly groceries home delivered. If your friend forgot something at your home and neither of You want to face Bangalore traffic, you can just Dunzo it. This is one of the most useful apps in Bangalore.                                                           …

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Best Resorts in Bangalore – Find resort details, Get a Cab

Resorts in Bangalore

Top Resorts in Bangalore: Spend Some Quality time with friends and family, Book a Cab Bangalore, a city to almost all kinds of people and the hub for many workers has many other places to explore. People come or stay here to get the feel of awesome weather and entertaining pub facility. In this fast-paced life, we all love to have some great experience and that is when we all try to visit some exclusive places. You can visit some great resorts in Bangalore. Well, resorts have many things to offer us and here are some entertaining elements:   The best thing to ditch that routine When you leave your room, the only thing you take is your key. You pay in advance for your trip and your resort. So choose the best resort in Bangalore and make your trip most convenient. Resorts provide everything which you need. From dinner, lunch, cocktails and all refreshment, you have the ideal to enjoy every bit of it. There are also availability of poolside bars and also poolside refreshments. You will also get the 24 hours service in your room. To get all these things, you must immediately visit those places.   Having the gastronomy effect Travel is meant for breaking away with all our worries. In this system, also involves breaking that diet scene. In resorts, you have the service of getting various foods. If you are a foodie and you cannot think anything without that, you have the option to get many foods. You can choose from Mexican, Japanese, Italian and French cuisine. You will also get sweets, seafood, buffets which is really a great savor for your trip. So just gorge into them and make your trip most remarkable.   Best way to put pictures on Instagram Let’s be very true. We all love to pose if going for any trip and what better way to showcase them on Instagram. People are always scrolling through the page and you will notice people sharing pics. You too must take the opportunity of clicking pictures of the place you have visited and enjoyed your day. The environment, the food makes for a colourful delight. The palm trees, the exclusive interest will just make you crazy.   Opportunity for many activities After fooding and photographing, you will want to release those extra kilos. The better way would be to take on some activities present in the resort. You can easily find many exciting activities. There are water sports, hide and find. You can also sit and take the pleasure of enjoying the view. After all this, you must be waiting to hear which resort to visit more. Here is list of some great resorts which you will love to go to. Book a cab to travel in and around Bangalore   1. Mango Mist resort Bangalore: If this is often not your initial, weekend outing in Bangalore, then you need to have had detected of the mango mist resort Bangalore. common for its wide-spread land of mango trees, the resort guarantees to require you back to your childhood days with the golden reminiscences of enjoying among the mango trees in summer mornings. It’s an ideal place if you’re trying to find over simply a soothing weekend. It offers many venturesome activities like ice climbing, archery, paintball, and zorbing. It additionally hosts superb fun parties by the pool giving large flooring. Whereas you’re there, do not miss to go to their fish spa! It is one of the best resorts in Bangalore and you will love to visit here more and more. The distance from Bangalore to Mango Mist resorts is 39.9km and it takes 1 hour and 8 minutes. It is open all the time and you can book them anytime you want.   2. Guhantara Resort Bangalore Guhantara Resort Bangalore is truly India’s primary underground resort has been made with an unusual theme all over. The cave resort promises you an exciting, rare and an amusing weekend. Its exceptional architecture radiates a quiet old- environment. The staff is friendly and the days designed are just ideal for different types of activities like rain-dance, tunnel trekking and various indoor as well as outdoor games. You can also ask for a bonfire for a great experience. Their spa, Agastya Kuteera is one of the greatest facilities by the crowd. The best resorts in Bangalore has many things to serve you. The distance from Bangalore to this place is 34.4 km and it takes about 1 hour and 7 minutes of time.   3. Golden palms resort A golden palms resort is the luxurious resort is one amongst the foremost notable resorts within the town. The luxurious services and sort after a welcome by the staffs have forever created the guests come here a lot…

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Best Trekking Places in Karnataka – Find Details, Book Cabs

Trekking in Karnataka

The best trekking places in Karnataka Embarking on a holiday for adventure can be the best thing in your life. There’s something inherently refreshing and satisfying while you travel. So pack your bags for those long lasting lusts for escapade and travel to best trekking places in Karnataka. Karnataka, the most prosperous state is rich in industry, literature, agriculture and tourism. Karnataka Tourism got its permanent validation for its heritage. Peoples are travelling to this place for about innumerable times. In terms of area, it is the seventh largest state and lies in the south western part of India. The state has its own capital known as Bangalore. If you are not very far from this metro hub, you must visit the best trekking places in Karnataka. Before we jump into the trekking places, you need to know what health benefits trekking does to you: Weight loss is mandatory: Dodging, climbing around the lights, sprints and boulders is common for your trekking touts. Small physical activities help to shed that extra or unwanted fat. Trekking for long days on high altitude can loss more weight. So trek as much as possible. Softer skills are grown Most practical way to gain organization skills is an expedition to a trekking trail. Aim in setting, organizing, planning, and changing adaptability and your mental strength. Once you cultivate the essence of something new, you allow incredible growth. With trekking, you increase your soft skill of new element and it is going to be the best adventure in your life. With fresh determination in your mind, you are going to achieve your goal. You go to new places, you reach some new height and that is when you get to witness something incredible. Learning People think that trekking only means walking for long hours. But that is not the only thing. It is more than that and you get to meet new incredible people. You walk together and you experience something really out of the box, you each get to witness and learn something incredible about each other. Different culture can get mingled and that is quite awesome. So go for trekking in Karnataka as there are many trekking places in Karnataka. Makes your heart strong It is a great bet for those who are trekking for the first time. It is not the thing for weak heart. Once you make your trekking, your heart turns healthy and strong. One has to climb down and again up and straight away makes your heart into something great and perfect. The heart pumps blood and it thus builds your cardiac muscle. Now when you know the essentials of trekking, you can visit the best trekking places in Karnataka. The first thing which must come to your mind is Kumara Parvatha Trek, then famous Kodachadri trek, Tadiandamol trek, Saklespur trek, Dudhsgar trek, Madikery trek, Gokarna trek, visit to Shimoga and Brahmahgiri hill. List of Trekking Places in Karnataka: Kumara Parvatha Trek Kumara parvata is taken into account to be one among the toughest trek in Karnataka. At 1712 mtrs Kumarparvata is that the sixth highest trek spot in state. You may encounter Batra mane on the base-camp that is the solely place to own food and additionally offers place to pitch the tents. Kumara Parvatha Trek can get you to places which you will like to visit quite often. The trekking length is 13 km and it is quite tough. The distance from Bangalore to Kumara Parvatha is 255.9 km and it takes about 5 hours 22 minutes time.  The best time to go to this place is during October to February. Kodachadri Trek  With the elevation of 1343 mtrs Kodachadri is taken into account to be 13th highest peak in Karnataka, clothed with inexperienced Shola forest and thick forest. Associate in Nursingd offers a vast landscape read. Kodachadri is noted as the best trekking places in Karnataka with lots of scenic view. The distance it takes from Bangalore is 413.2 km and it takes about 8 hours and 43 minutes time. You can go during October to February. Trek length is 16 km and difficulty level is moderate. When you are going there, you can stay at Kodachhadri homestay. There are innumerable Kodachadri home-stay available that you will love to visit and have your most convenient stay. Highest mountain of Kodagu district in Karnataka and has something incredible and nice. It’s the third highest peak in state. it’s situated Western Ghats vary, Associate in Nursingd reaches an elevation of 1,748 m. it’s an area of interest for trekkers and naturalists. The mountain has patches of shola forests within the valleys. The distance between Bangalore to this place is 273 km and trekking length is for 6 km. The difficulty is moderate. Tadiandamol trek Highest mountain of Kodagu…

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Best Theaters in Bangalore – Get Cabs, Details, Suggestions

Movie Theater

The best theater in Bangalore We all are doing something or the other every day. We get tired doing things regularly and to get away with that thing, you must visit to some theater in Bangalore. Theater not only means movie as it can be live drama. This drama thing instantly allows us to connect with the people acting. It is sometimes related to real life as it has emotion and it triggers our weak state of mind. Bangalore is the garden city and it is located very much on the Deccan Plateau. Here, you will get to witness various multinational companies and it is growing very fast. Heavy industries, various public sectors are built over here. It is like a hub to many important business and institutional area. So make some time beyond this and visit leading theater in Bangalore. But going to theater can be sometimes hectic. Suppose, your place is far from the theater and you have to book cab. It is not easy to get in hold of cabs at the peak hour. So, just book cabs from Deepam cabs. We are best for our cabs in Bangalore. You can easily book cabs from us and make your day fruitful. So visit the excellent theater in Bangalore with us and turn your day into a beautiful one. Here goes the list of the movie theater which you should visit: Tulasi Theater Marathahalli: The Tulasi Theater Marathahalli screens large budget cinema with multi language films. There is snack counter and you can also avail the restrooms. 4k Dolby 7.1 is shown exclusively which you will love and it is one of the exciting things to make your day. You can book your tickets from Bookmyshow Bangalore and make the best out of it. Address: Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560037 You can get to witness Kannada movies in Bangalore, Tamil movies in Bangalore and even English movies in Bangalore. These kinds of movies also you will get to see in famous theaters in Bangalore. There are other renowned movie theaters also which you will love to visit. The ambiance, the people visit there and the excellent kind of ambiance makes the places more comfortable. You can visit to the nearest mall with Deepam cabs. We are the top most company who gives excellent cabs in Bangalore. You can have a secure and safe ride with us as we have many years of expertise and we are trying to gain the trust of our every customer. Cauvery theatre in Bangalore: Cauvery theater in Bangalore is large and has sitting arrangement of about many people. The screen is big and it is one of the cheapest places to make your movie watching a great one. The sound quality is good with decent food quality. The restrooms are clean and have quality. They are also known to play English movies which are a great value for money. Address: 8, 1, Sankey Rd, Guttahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560003 Urvashi theatre in Bangalore This digital cinema has over 1,150 sitting arrangement and shows the latest Bollywood releases. Food served is of better quality and quantity. The place is well maintained and has awesome sound system.  Better Space for parking in Urvashi theatre in Bangalore. Address: No.40, Siddaiah Road Near M T R Hotel, Doddamavalli, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002 Cinepolis Binnypet: Cinepolis Binnypet is one of the remarkable movie theaters and it is a movie chain providing state-of-the-art projection and sound technology. Caramel and cheese popcorn are available and you will enjoy the screens. The staffs are really responsive and give good services. You will get to witness this movie hall once you book cabs with Deepam Cabs. Sitting arrangements are made in the most proficient way. Foods are cheaper. Address: 3rd Floor, Maisur, Magadi Main Rd, Binny Pete, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560023 Inox Forum Mall Whitefield: It is the best theater in Whitefield and it is well maintained and clean. They have great security check thing is applicable but it is made in a lesser form. Restrooms are kept clean and better place for going for watching movie. Recliner service is best and you are going to enjoy the service to its full thrill.  It is one of the biggest malls in Whitefield where you will love to visit more. Inox Forum mall Whitefield also has the Crossword store for children which you will love to visit. You can also access to various shops. They have big parking lot. Address: Prestige Ozone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066 Inox Mantri mall: The experience of Insignia is nice and the sitting arrangements are comfortable. Food quality is good and viewing movie from here is excellent. The movies are always enjoyable and the theater is clean. The staffs are really helpful and it is a great place while thinking about your…

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Outstation cab booking – Travel Hacks

Outstation travel hacks

Outstation Cab booking services 1: Plan well and beat the traffic We know that you must have made an awesome outstation travel plan and for the same reason you are here. But do you have any plan to tackle the city traffic? If yes! Then its all sorted but if the answer is ‘No’, you have to have a plan. They say “The beginning will affect the whole plan”, begin your journey with less hassle and more enthusiasm. Keep a track of peak hours and and book your outstation cab accordingly so you can get out of the honking roads as soon as possible. Stuck somewhere? Don’t worry! Trust your driver, he knows all the shortcuts that will save a lot of your time. 2: Keep all the essential items in your Bag Outstation travel require advance preparation because its human nature that we tend to forget thinks that are necessary when we are in a hurry. We are used to city life and sometimes it gets difficult to find essentials in remote areas while travelling, but any uneasiness can be avoided if we are well prepared. For that you need to make a list of things that you will be needing and that totally depends upon your travel purpose. If you are going for an official meeting, keep all the documents handy. If its a family gathering, don’t forget to get the sweets. And its its an travel plan you can pack your cloths, shades, tents, maps etc. But now there are things that everybody needs to carry with them like drinking water, Snacks and instant food items, you mobile, extra pair of cloths, cash, any medicine that you may need etc. 3: Keep some cash with you We have already told you about keeping some handy cash with you, but why? Isn’t this Digital India? or are there any hidden charges with my outstation cab booking? Yes and No. Yes! This is digital India and there are “No” hidden charges with our outstation cab services. You can book your online outstation cab through our website which is interactive and easy to use and also our cab booking charges are transparent. But while travelling outstations you may not find online payment options and sometimes you may face problems with internet connectivity in remote places. So we will suggest you to carry some cash and buy things from the locals, these are some of the everlasting experiences that you don’t want to miss out. 4: Travel with a friend A friend in need is a friend indeed This Quote is descriptive enough to tell you everything that you are going to need while travelling outstations. Obviously you you are not going on a war but there is one enemy that you need to fight, and that is boredom. Long travel plans can be very boring, so always keep your buddy beside you. This will definitely add more fun to your journey. 5: Befriend with local people Yeah you heard it right! Make some local friends while taking small breaks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, rest, washroom etc. Talk with people, engage with them, ask for directions. Now the question is “What you will get out of this?” Well you will get to interact with complete strangers who will not judge you, you will get amazed to know how cultures influence people, or you may hear stories that are completely new for you with different retrospectives and story lines. They may even tell you some hidden and unexplored places that are not on your google maps. 6: The destination is Important, but the journey is rewarding We know that wherever you are planning to go in your outstation cab is an amazing place and If its a office meeting its going to be fruitful. You have all the plans ready for the destination but adventures happen where things are unplanned and that is the best part of any journey. It’s always the journey that amplifies your emotions for the destination. Take as much as your can from the journey because you can always reach the same destination but you cannot have the same journey. 7: Washroom breaks – Ask the driver Yes travelling outstations is fun but it comes with its own challenges. Clean and hygienic washrooms are one of them. Its easy for male travelers to park and pee in the bushes but it gets difficult for female passengers due to hygienic and safety issues. In this situation your driver is your best buddy to consult. Tell your driver that you need to go to toilet, and he will make sure that he find a good place on the way. Mostly petrol pumps and hotels can be trusted as we have found their washrooms clean and well maintained with better accessibility…

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Airport Parking – Charges, Contact, Details (Bangalore)

Bangalore airport parking

Airport Parking Bangalore Airport parking space at Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore is designed keeping in mind all the necessities and requirements of a traveller. All parking zones are within a walking distance of 100 to 200 meters from the terminal, the passenger can easily locate the parking area according to their convenience.  The Airport parking is becoming popular with the frequent travellers from Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. The Airport parking have the capacity to accommodate around 2000 vehicles in its parking space, the parking area is semi automatic which is designed to maintain the vehicle flow throughout the day without and hassle. The Airport parking area has 4 levels: P1, P2, P3 and P4 P1: The P1 parking spot is dedicated for 2 wheeler  P2: Its is a budget parking area for Cars. The area has also got dedicated parking slots for “Divyang” (people with reduced mobility). You can follow the signs or ask for assistance at the entry gate. P3: It is the Premium Parking space for Cars. This is closest to the Kempegowda International Airport terminal. P4: This parking spot is same as P2 airport parking Also, the P2 and P3 parking area are equipped with built-in charging points for electric vehicles. The electric vehicle owner can also avail 20% discount on parking fee in P2 and P3 parking space along with free charging  facility. Bangalore Airport started long term parking services back in 2008 but people came to know about it just a few years back. This is one facility that flyers can use for short trips at a reasonable price. The facility is available for both two wheeler and four wheeler, also both domestic and international passengers can take benefits from the service. There is no restriction on the parking hours, People use it for 1 day, 2 days or even 1 month according to the schedule of their travel plans. The airport parking area is under 24*7 CCTV surveillance and a standard procedure is followed to check the car and the related documents of the Owner. The security procedure can be strict if the duration of the car parking provided by you is more than 48 hours. All vehicles are thoroughly checked before a parking slot is allocated to you, the slot provided to you is majorly based on the time duration you are looking to park your vehicle.  Providing parking at the airport is a mandate, but long-term parking is a Bangalore International Airport Ltd initiative. “An internal survey showed us that there was a definite requirement for such a facility. There are a lot of people who travel out of the city on weekends. This facility was started to cater to that niche segment,” a Bangalore International Airport spokesman told Metrolife.  What are the charges for Airport Parking? Bangalore Airport parking rates  for Cars: For 0-2 hours: Rs 100 (P2 and P4)  For 1 hour: Rs 100 (P3)  For 1 day: Rs 500  For 2 days: Rs 800  1 month: Rs 9200 (30 days)   Airport parking fee: Two-wheelers (Bike, Scooter): For 0-4 hours: Rs 20  For Every additional 4 hours: Rs 20  For 1 day: Rs 120  For 2 days: Rs 240  For 1 month: Rs 3,600 (30 days) Bengaluru Airport parking Rates Type of Vehicle Airport Parking Facility Time Duration Rates (Parking Fee in INR) 2 Wheeler P1 0-4 hours 20 Every additional 4 hour 20 One day 120 Every additional day 120 Cars P2 Budget Parking 0-2 hours 100 Every additional 2 hour 50 One day 500 Every additional day 300 P3 Premium Parking 0-1 hours 100 Every additional hour 50 P4 Parking 0-2 hours 100 Every additional 2 hour 50 One day 500 Every additional day 300 Buses Less than 16 seater 0-2 hours 200 16 Seater & Above 0-2 hours 500 In case of Loss Of Parking Ticket Cars and Buses: Rs. 500 and Actual Parking Charges for Cars and Buses Two wheeler: Rs. 150 and Actual Parking Charges for two wheeler 24/7 Parking Airport Parking Helpline : 9538882020   Pick up and Drop Points at Bangalore Airport: For Departure: The vehicle can be stopped for 90 seconds at the ‘outer curb’, so that the passengers can easily walk towards the Departure Gate. At Arrival: You can use the designated curbside pick-up points to board the car or you can board the car from the parking area in Bengaluru airport. For Disabled: Special care is taken for Divyangs, therefore its closest to the terminal at the restricted lane, there are drop off and pick up points.   Alternatives to Avoid Airport parking Fee: Hire an Airport Taxi Deepam Cabs is one among the best and trusted Taxi & Cab Services brand based in Bangalore, India. We are the fastest-growing company in Bangalore and expertise in providing great Taxi Services…