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Road Trip to Mysore From Bangalore With Deepam Cabs

Road Trip to Mysore from Bangalore

Mysore, also known as Mysuru is one of the most famous tourist destinations in South India. In fact, it was the seat of power of the Wodeyar Kingdom of Mysore. The rulers of Mysore were instrumental in developing the city as an architectural showpiece for all to enjoy. A road trip to Mysore from Bangalore is every Bangalorean cherished childhood memory. Tourists from all over India are attracted to the city’s rich architectural culture, gardens, and palaces. Mysore’s salubrious climate throughout the year is loved by all tourists. Mysore is a thriving centre for the production of superior incense, silk sarees, and sandalwood. The Magnificent Mysore palace is one of the World Heritage sites according to UNESCO.  Visitors from across the globe throng to Mysore to learn yoga from reputed practitioners of the craft. The city has a reputation for being one of the cleanest cities in India. This City of Palaces attracts millions of tourists for the annual Dasara celebrations. The nine-day festival signifies the victory of Good over evil. Devi Chamundeshwari is venerated on all these nine days, as the presiding deity of the city of Mysore.  A day trip to Mysore from Bangalore is a good way for busy professionals to take time off for a much-desired break. DeepamCabs’ array of affordable taxi services makes a day trip to Mysore possible.  Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit during a Road Trip to Mysore from Bangalore Deepam Cabs recommend the following tourist hotspots in Mysore for a beautiful day trip from Bangalore. 1. Mysore Palace Mysore’s Grand Palace is the top tourist place in Mysore. It is the official residence of the Wodeyar Royal Family. The palace attracts close to 60 lakh visitors annually making it the most important tourist place in Mysore. Besides, it is the second most visited tourist spot after the Taj Mahal in Agra. Mysore palace is a three-story structure with elaborate marble tomes and a five-story tower.  A blend of Hindu, Rajput & Gothic styles makes this magnificent monument special.   The palace is set amidst a large garden, an arch with the emblem and coat of arms of Mysore. Festivities for the nine-day Dasara celebrations in Mysore start and end at the palace. A jumbo Savaree (elephant procession) of the Mysore Royals draws tourists from all over the world. Additionally, Ambavilasa Palace is a spectacular private quarter of the Mysore Royals. Tourists will be amazed at the grandeur and lavish lifestyle of the Wodeyar family. An architectural beauty, the palace contains a mosaic of beautifully crafted stained glass ceilings. Golden columns, captivating chandeliers with floral motifs are alluring for all who visit. Mysore palace is open on all days except on Tuesdays. It is open to the public between 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. An entrance fee of ₹ 40 for adults and ₹ 20 for children. 2.  Mysore Zoo The Mysore Zoological Garden is a zoo spread over 167 acres and attracts over 45,000 visitors daily. It is home to over 1500 creatures with 168 varieties of bird, mammal, and reptilian species. Mysore zoo is loved by little children, and thus is an important place to visit in Mysore. The wild animals conserved here include Big Cats: Tiger, Leopard, Lions, Jaguar & Cheetah Small Cats: Jungle Cat, Leopard Cat, Indian Civet. Deer & Antelope: Nilgai, Spotted Dear, Black Buck, and Barking Deer. Large Mammals: Asiatic & African Elephants, Rhino, Hippopotamus & Gaur. Reptiles: Anaconda, King Cobra, Indian Cobra, Crocodiles & Iguana. Aquatic Birds Ducks & Terrestrial Birds: Pelicans, Flamingo, Macaws, Indian Hornbill, Carolina Wood Duck, Ostrich Emu. The Zoo is open all days except on a Tuesday between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. An entrance fee costs ₹ 80 for adults and ₹ 40 for children.  3. Srirangapatna Town Srirangapatna is just off the Bangalore Mysore National highway. It is the epicentre of the fourth Anglo-Mysore war between the British East India Company & Tipu Sultan. Srirangapatna is an never to miss place to visit before visiting Mysore. Srirangapatna was the place where Tipu laid his life fighting the British.  Tipu Sultan’s bravery is illustrated with many monuments to commemorate historical events leading to his ultimate death.  Tourists will love the city’s many attractions including the Srirangapatna Fort, Daria Daulat Bagh, and the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.  Gumbaz is the burial chamber of Tipu Sultan and Haider Ali, Tipu’s father. The Jama Masjid built by Tipu Sultan has a small dome and is painted white. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a beautifully carved temple complex dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The river Kaveri surrounds the temple in a divine embrace, adds to the beauty of the temple. Ranganathaswamy temple’s beautiful gopuram and intricate architecture make it a must-visit when visiting the town. 4. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary…

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Trekking Places in Bangalore for Beginner – Find Cabs, Details, Hacks

Trekking Places in Bangalore

Trekking places in Bangalore Trekking is without any doubt a great form of exhilaration. Many treks are exhausting and not for poor heart. If you are very much new to this enthusiastic trekking spree, you might feel little tipsy. But since you have that desire in your heart and dream in your mind, don’t let that fear take away that passion. There are numerous trekking places near Bangalore and you are going to enjoy it if you follow some simple guidelines and tips: Choose for an easy one If you are a beginner, you should start with some baby steps. First pickup the most easy and convenient trekking places in Bangalore and enjoy the thrill. Take the delight of your first adventure and make your move. For your first trekking, you can make your trekking to Savandurga Bangalore. Take care of your fitness Who wants a bad headache and decentry while travelling?  So, the first priority should be your medical checkup before making plans for your trekking. It is sometimes seen that trekkers suffer from cough, cold, stomach upset and other things. It is your work to tell the trek manager if you are suffering from anything as such. So, it is essential to take some time and give effort. Make yourself fit and get set for your travel. Now visit the best trekking places near Bangalore. So when you are ready for your visit for trekking to places in Bangalore, you have almost covered the early pace towards success. Research is a must Do your research before going for trekking. It is not a child’s play and it requires a lot of patience and planning. So, it is best to make your planning before starting to visit various trekking places in Bangalore. Make sure about the weather and other planning tips. Take the trekking essentials for your trekking Trekking essentials are mandatory before heading on to your journey. Here are some items listed below which will make your tour more satisfying and interesting: Make sure to carry that trekking shoes Don’t forget to take that trekking bags Cotton shirts are a mandatory Pack that running shoe Woolen trousers and sweater will be favorable for cool weather Sun hat and woolen hat and other important things Water Bottle, Energy Bars/Drinks First Aid Box and Personal Medication Well, another important thing is to pack in your trekking bags is your camera if you want to capture the view and shoot video. With this important essential, you are ready for your trekking.   Now are the places where you can make your best memories and take away them with you:   Scenic Savandurga Bangalore One of the foremost picturesque trekking places around Bangalore, Savandurga is ideal for nature enthusiasts and journey lovers. There square measure 2 common trails in Savandurga: Karigudda and Billigudda. This is often a lot of common and difficult trek through the antique fort of Kempe Gowda. Distance from Bangalore is 70 km and you can easily book Deepam Cabs. We are having best cabs in Bangalore and you will be delighted to drive with us. You must start your journey from Bangalore at 9.30 in the morning. You can start your trekking at Savandurga at 1.00 am under the supervision of trekking guides.   Magnificent Nandi Hills Nandi Hills or Nandidurga could be a fashionable traveler destination from the city. With an altitude of about 1,478 meters, it’s a perfect place for trekking and hiking. This is often one in every of the highest trekking destination almost about visit as a part of your city trip. It gets its name from the traditional Nandi or bull that is supposed to be the mount of Lord Shiva. It had been one in every of the Tipu’s summer retreats. There are almost 1, 200 steps arranged from the foot of hill to achieve the highest. Bhoga Nandishwara Temple located in Nandi village at the foot of the hills could be a visiting place that homes a thousand-year recent sculpture of Nandi. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and tree’s Drop, a 600 linear unit drop-off from wherever tree Grand Turk accustomed throw his prisoners, offers a spectacular read of the natural depression. Amrita Sarovar Lake, ruins of tree Sultan’s fort are different places to go to. There are also 3 temples dedicated to Sri Ugra Narasimha, Sri Yoga Narasimha and Sri Bhoga Narasimha. There are few accommodation choices obtainable on the height for people who need to expertise early morning sunrise, though’ trekking the height early within the morning is that the most suitable choice. Self bivouacking on the height isn’t safe. Nandi Hills is additionally one in every of the highest. Distance: 60 km Average Elevation: 4850 feet Popular for: Early morning trek, Sunrise view Nandi hills timings are between 6am-10…

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Bangalore to Kolli Hills – Cab, Details, Road Trip

Kolli Hills trip

Visit Paradise on Earth: Enjoy the offbeat Kolli hills weather during weekend Are you tired of booking cabs from bad service provider for your weekend trip to Kolli Hills? Deepam cabs presents on time Bangalore to Kolli Hills cab service. Book cabs immediately with us and feel comfortable. Weekends are just around the corner and you are wondering what to do? Don’t just sit back and think. Rather, go for a trip to some unknown place with your dear or loved ones. Not finding place to ditch that weekend high? Well look for Bangalore to Kolli hills which will make your mind relaxed. It is a pure and serene mountain which is in the center of Tamil Nadu. It is 55 km away from Namakkal district with incredible mountain and it remains the best tourist spot throughout the year among other attractive place. This is not all; the famous Arapaleeswarar temple is famous for its magnificent weather. Well there is a history behind the formation of these hills. It goes like this. There existed a ghost on top of the hill which came into existence as “Mountain of Death”. Whatever it is the hill rise up to an altitude of about 4,265 feet and it turns for a great view. No matter what secrets lies behind this hill, you cannot spare your eyes from seeing it more. If you want to witness all this, you must visit this place immediately. Just thinking won’t do, you need to hire a cab which will securely get you to this place. But Bangalore to Kolli hills cab fare is always high. That is when Deepam cabs come as a savior. We offer world class Bangalore to Kolli Hills cab service. Our top most Bangalore to Kolli Hills cab service cannot meet any other offer. We are the most trusted and give cheap offers so that you can even recommend us to your family and friends. The Bangalore to Kolli hills distance is 300 kms and through NH7 route and takes almost 5 hours to travel. With Deepam Cabs, you will have great and smooth travel.   Best time for visit to feel Kolli hills weather and view with Deepam Cabs The best time to enjoy and get accustomed to this place is during November- December. The rain makes the place look replenishing with fine greeneries. It is like a green carpet floated on a small mountain hill top. The not so famous hill station in Tamil Nadu is known for its herbal plants that are known to cure many diseases. To view all this, you need to book the best Kolli hills resort. There are many options of Kolli hills resort which you can choose after you reach the place. To arrive at this very hill top, Deepam Cabs give the Best Bangalore to Kolli hills cab service. Our Bangalore to Kolli hills cab fare is made in compared with other cab services of different companies. We are perfect as we have neat and clean car service with fast track online payment option. The payment method also comes in handy as you have the option of paying through Debit, credit, Paytm and by cash. Our service of Outstation cabs Bangalore is top notch and better. With that you cannot complain. Riding with us will make your travel to Kolli hills more fruitful. The cool and comfortable Kolli hills weather draws lot of travellers here every year. It is the best place to forget that loaded worries and get soaked into the natural beauty. In the below mentioned Kolli hills images, you will notice the greeneries.   Bangalore to Kolli hills Drive with Deepam Cabs Apart from its green garlanded hill, it is mostly known for its agricultural trajectory. Most of its forest is being cleared for the farming purpose. Mountain ranges includes some crucial farm products like banana, jackfruit, coffee, black pepper and other spices.  All this things can be viewed after you book Kolli hills resort which are easily available. They have their staple food mainly consisting of Rice and millets. This are mainly ate by Tribal people who dwell in this place. The well known jackfruit cultivated in this hilly area is best for its taste and heady scent. It is sometimes soaked in honey for bringing mild taste.  Besides this, they have the streams which add for the natural beauty. The lush green mountain calls for an immediate Bangalore to Kolli hills trip. All this things will be missed, if you don’t visit there. So don’t wait for any opportunity. Just book a Kolli hills cab from Deepam Cabs and make your journey wonderful. Our Bangalore to Kolli hills cab fare is tested and thus it is very cheap.   Major Festival to witness after you make your journey from…

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Outstation cab booking – Travel Hacks

Outstation travel hacks

Outstation Cab booking services 1: Plan well and beat the traffic We know that you must have made an awesome outstation travel plan and for the same reason you are here. But do you have any plan to tackle the city traffic? If yes! Then its all sorted but if the answer is ‘No’, you have to have a plan. They say “The beginning will affect the whole plan”, begin your journey with less hassle and more enthusiasm. Keep a track of peak hours and and book your outstation cab accordingly so you can get out of the honking roads as soon as possible. Stuck somewhere? Don’t worry! Trust your driver, he knows all the shortcuts that will save a lot of your time. 2: Keep all the essential items in your Bag Outstation travel require advance preparation because its human nature that we tend to forget thinks that are necessary when we are in a hurry. We are used to city life and sometimes it gets difficult to find essentials in remote areas while travelling, but any uneasiness can be avoided if we are well prepared. For that you need to make a list of things that you will be needing and that totally depends upon your travel purpose. If you are going for an official meeting, keep all the documents handy. If its a family gathering, don’t forget to get the sweets. And its its an travel plan you can pack your cloths, shades, tents, maps etc. But now there are things that everybody needs to carry with them like drinking water, Snacks and instant food items, you mobile, extra pair of cloths, cash, any medicine that you may need etc. 3: Keep some cash with you We have already told you about keeping some handy cash with you, but why? Isn’t this Digital India? or are there any hidden charges with my outstation cab booking? Yes and No. Yes! This is digital India and there are “No” hidden charges with our outstation cab services. You can book your online outstation cab through our website which is interactive and easy to use and also our cab booking charges are transparent. But while travelling outstations you may not find online payment options and sometimes you may face problems with internet connectivity in remote places. So we will suggest you to carry some cash and buy things from the locals, these are some of the everlasting experiences that you don’t want to miss out. 4: Travel with a friend A friend in need is a friend indeed This Quote is descriptive enough to tell you everything that you are going to need while travelling outstations. Obviously you you are not going on a war but there is one enemy that you need to fight, and that is boredom. Long travel plans can be very boring, so always keep your buddy beside you. This will definitely add more fun to your journey. 5: Befriend with local people Yeah you heard it right! Make some local friends while taking small breaks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, rest, washroom etc. Talk with people, engage with them, ask for directions. Now the question is “What you will get out of this?” Well you will get to interact with complete strangers who will not judge you, you will get amazed to know how cultures influence people, or you may hear stories that are completely new for you with different retrospectives and story lines. They may even tell you some hidden and unexplored places that are not on your google maps. 6: The destination is Important, but the journey is rewarding We know that wherever you are planning to go in your outstation cab is an amazing place and If its a office meeting its going to be fruitful. You have all the plans ready for the destination but adventures happen where things are unplanned and that is the best part of any journey. It’s always the journey that amplifies your emotions for the destination. Take as much as your can from the journey because you can always reach the same destination but you cannot have the same journey. 7: Washroom breaks – Ask the driver Yes travelling outstations is fun but it comes with its own challenges. Clean and hygienic washrooms are one of them. Its easy for male travelers to park and pee in the bushes but it gets difficult for female passengers due to hygienic and safety issues. In this situation your driver is your best buddy to consult. Tell your driver that you need to go to toilet, and he will make sure that he find a good place on the way. Mostly petrol pumps and hotels can be trusted as we have found their washrooms clean and well maintained with better accessibility…

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The Independence day ride

Independence day ride

  The Independence day ride: Indian Independence day is here and we are sure that you must be making plans to enjoy the day to the fullest. Every year Indian Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August as on this day we got our Independence from the United Kingdom.  Most of the organisations, schools and colleges celebrate the day by hoisting the Indian national flag and organizing in house cultural programs. But as the population density of our cities is increasing we mostly end up spending most of our time in traffic feeling not so independent. As this Independence  is around the weekend? Why not plan for an outstation trip far from the city life and enjoy every second of our Independence in the vast and diverse motherland of ours. We have selected some of the most beautiful destinations that you can explore and experience the true sense of Independence this 15th of August.   Alleppey: Alappuzha (or Alleppey) is a city in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It’s best known for houseboat boats along the rustic Kerala backwaters. Bangalore to Alappuzha distance is around 529 km and it is the best suitable tourist attraction for a week-long trip from Bangalore. The waterways in Alleppey can be best explored in house boats. Coconut palms, vast paddy fields make Alleppey an enchanting tourist destination. Book an Outstation cab from Bangalore to Alleppey.   Bandipur: If you are someone who loves the wilderness and wild animals you must head towards Bandipur Tiger Reserve And National Park which is located at around 220 Kms from Bangalore city. The 874 sq km forest reserve is known for its tigers, gaurs (bison), antelopes, Indian elephants, spotted deer and numerous other native animals. You can have a complete view of the area from the park’s highest peak where the14th-century Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple is also situated. Book an Outstation cab from Bangalore to Bandipur.   Hampi: Sometimes you need to connect with the past to look into the future, this is how you get a life prospective. Hampi is a cluster of ruined temple complexes from the 7th century Vijayanagara Empire. The city is situated on the south bank of the River Tungabhadra in Southern Indian state, Karnataka. This is definitely a place to learn about our glorious past and take inspiration. Bangalore to Hampi distance is around 345 km and you can Book an outstation cab to Hampi from Bangalore Here.   Coorg: Coorg or Kodugu is around 270 Kms from Bangalore and this place has it all, you name it and you will have it. This place is suitable for everybody, from adventure seekers to tourists, pilgrims to wildlife enthusiasts. Coorg is famous for its elephants, waterfalls, resorts, trekking spots, temples and what not. This is an ideal place for a road trip that you can go with your family and friends. Book an Outstation cab from Bangalore to Coorg.Coorg, Karnataka, India Chikkamagaluru: If you are looking for something calm and beautiful, visit chikmagalur. Its is one of the most enchanting place in western ghats with its beautiful mountains like Mullayanagiri, Kudremukh, Baba Budangiri etc. Also,This place has some of the most beautiful waterfalls like Hebbe falls, Jhari waterfalls, Sirimane falls etc. In Chikkamagaluru, you will find some of the most lovely homestays and amazing food. Book an Outstation cab from Bangalore to Chikmagalur.   This was our suggestion guys for your outstation trip. If you have something else in mind, you can go and explore those places with our most affordable outstation cabs.   Why Book Outstation Vehicle in Bangalore with Deepam Cabs? Deepam Cabs are the best and most reliable Outstation cab booking service provider in Bangalore. You can book a cab for you at any time you want as our Outstation cab Booking services are available all day and night. We offer you an easy and convenient way of booking a cab for you through the web ( or telephone (080 414 66 888). ► Easy booking – Booking your desired Outstation vehicle with us is easy. Just check our vehicle options and book a vehicle from various categories, brands, and seating capacities by clicking “Book Now” button. ► Transparent billing – Our fares for each Outstation vehicle Booking are inexpensive and billing is transparent. ► No overpricing – You can get Outstation cabs at the lowest prices when compared to other cab services in Bangalore. ► Doorstep Pickup & drop –Our professional drivers will pick you up from where you are and drop you back again at your chosen place and Outstation places. ► Easy cancellation – You can easily cancel your booking with us and get an instant refund.   You may also like: Outstation Travel Hacks Trekking in Karnataka Resorts in Bangalore Useful apps for Bangalorians …