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Airport Parking Bangalore Airport parking space at Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore is designed keeping in mind all the necessities and requirements of a traveller. All parking zones are within a walking distance of 100 to 200 meters from the terminal, the passenger can easily locate the parking area according to their convenience.  The Airport parking is becoming popular with the frequent travellers from Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. The Airport parking have the capacity to accommodate around 2000 vehicles in its parking space, the parking area is semi automatic which is designed to maintain the vehicle flow throughout the day without and hassle. The Airport parking area has 4 levels: P1, P2, P3 and P4 P1: The P1 parking spot is dedicated for 2 wheeler  P2: Its is a budget parking area for Cars. The area has also got dedicated parking slots for “Divyang” (people with reduced mobility). You can follow the signs or ask for assistance at the entry gate. P3: It is the Premium Parking space for Cars. This is closest to the Kempegowda International Airport terminal. P4: This parking spot is same as P2 airport parking Also, the P2 and P3 parking area are equipped with built-in charging points for electric vehicles. The electric vehicle owner can also avail 20% discount on parking fee in P2 and P3 parking space along with free charging  facility. Bangalore Airport started long term parking services back in 2008 but people came to know about it just a few years back. This is one facility that flyers can use for short trips at a reasonable price. The facility is available for both two wheeler and four wheeler, also both domestic and international passengers can take benefits from the service. There is no restriction on the parking hours, People use it for 1 day, 2 days or even 1 month according to the schedule of their travel plans. The airport parking area is under 24*7 CCTV surveillance and a standard procedure is followed to check the car and the related documents of the Owner. The security procedure can be strict if the duration of the car parking provided by you is more than 48 hours. All vehicles are thoroughly checked before a parking slot is allocated to you, the slot provided to you is majorly based on the time duration you are looking to park your vehicle.  Providing parking at the airport is a mandate, but long-term parking is a Bangalore International Airport Ltd initiative. “An internal survey showed us that there was a definite requirement for such a facility. There are a lot of people who travel out of the city on weekends. This facility was started to cater to that niche segment,” a Bangalore International Airport spokesman told Metrolife.  What are the charges for Airport Parking? Bangalore Airport parking rates  for Cars: For 0-2 hours: Rs 100 (P2 and P4)  For 1 hour: Rs 100 (P3)  For 1 day: Rs 500  For 2 days: Rs 800  1 month: Rs 9200 (30 days)   Airport parking fee: Two-wheelers (Bike, Scooter): For 0-4 hours: Rs 20  For Every additional 4 hours: Rs 20  For 1 day: Rs 120  For 2 days: Rs 240  For 1 month: Rs 3,600 (30 days) Bengaluru Airport parking Rates Type of Vehicle Airport Parking Facility Time Duration Rates (Parking Fee in INR) 2 Wheeler P1 0-4 hours 20 Every additional 4 hour 20 One day 120 Every additional day 120 Cars P2 Budget Parking 0-2 hours 100 Every additional 2 hour 50 One day 500 Every additional day 300 P3 Premium Parking 0-1 hours 100 Every additional hour 50 P4 Parking 0-2 hours 100 Every additional 2 hour 50 One day 500 Every additional day 300 Buses Less than 16 seater 0-2 hours 200 16 Seater & Above 0-2 hours 500 In case of Loss Of Parking Ticket Cars and Buses: Rs. 500 and Actual Parking Charges for Cars and Buses Two wheeler: Rs. 150 and Actual Parking Charges for two wheeler 24/7 Parking Airport Parking Helpline : 9538882020   Pick up and Drop Points at Bangalore Airport: For Departure: The vehicle can be stopped for 90 seconds at the ‘outer curb’, so that the passengers can easily walk towards the Departure Gate. At Arrival: You can use the designated curbside pick-up points to board the car or you can board the car from the parking area in Bengaluru airport. For Disabled: Special care is taken for Divyangs, therefore its closest to the terminal at the restricted lane, there are drop off and pick up points.   Alternatives to Avoid Airport parking Fee: Hire an Airport Taxi Deepam Cabs is one among the best and trusted Taxi & Cab Services brand based in Bangalore, India. We are the fastest-growing company in Bangalore and expertise in providing great Taxi Services…